Campaign update – 7 September

Just 13 days to go. Or 13 sleeps, however you prefer to count this. I’ve had so many people contacting me to say that they’ve voted, and that they’ve voted to support me and the Labour Party. Thank you.

The Wanganui Chronicle ran a profile on the Rangitīkei electorate: Rangitīkei electorate and candidates.

Ms Russell was a capable candidate and brought knowledge and experience to the table, Professor Shaw said.

“She knows an awful lot about tax – she teaches tax.

“She was raised in the provinces, so she’s not some ring-in from Wellington and she’s working like a trojan. Her job I would think is to lift the profile of the party.”

My latest campaign newsletter is available here: Campaign newsletter – 7 September (pdf).

#votepositive #forabetterNZ

#votepositive #forabetterNZ

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