Can you help me with my campaign?

I could do with a hand with my campaign.

If you’re on the ground in Rangitīkei, then there’s plenty of work to be done, from delivering leaflets to hosting hoardings to making phone calls. I’ve got a volunteer form here: Volunteer.

I could also do with some money. Even small amounts help, ‘though of course, if you want to donate a large amount, I’ll be very grateful.

I’m grateful for a couple of reasons. Obviously, the money helps, and I’m very grateful for anything you can give me.

And I’m very grateful for the message it sends, of support and encouragement. It’s a big thing, putting myself out there to run for election, and it really does help me to know that so many people are backing me. Very soon after I’d gained selection, a friend who I’ve known on-line for quite some time contacted me, and said, “We’d like to donate some money to your campaign.” I was astounded, and delighted, and so encouraged by her offer, and by her donation.

If you’re in New Zealand, then the easiest way to make a donation is by bank transfer. My campaign account is:



This is a Kiwibank account.

For more information about how the money will contribute to my campaign, check my donations page: Donate to my campaign.

If you’re overseas, it’s a little more complicated. Most donations websites won’t allow political donations, and Paypal won’t allow them either. But you can do an international bank transfer, provided you have the interbank transfer details. Here’s Kiwibank’s page which gives you all the details you need to make an international bank transfer to Kiwibank accounts: Receiving an international money transfer.

There are some rules around campaign donations, but they don’t make much difference unless you intend to donate more than $1,500 (NZD). I’ve got some notes about the laws on my donations page: Donate to my campaign.

Thank you.

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