Maybe if we paid a decent wage…

In the news this week, the National-led government has legislated to ensure that the minimum wage is calculated over a fortnight, not a week. This means that an employer can pay an employee for 60 hours one week, and 20 hours the next, and still meet the minimum wage conditions.

Fortnightly minimum wage change

Federated Farmers said the fortnightly minimum wage rate was good news for farm workers and their employers.

The change means workers can be paid for 80 hours a fortnight, rather than 40 hours a week.

Federated Farmers’ employment spokesperson Katie Milne said it would bring steadier pay cheques for farm workers, as many are on two-week rosters.

And today, in an opinion piece in the Dominion Post, the chief executive of Business New Zealand, Phil O’Reilly, says that we have a huge shortage of skills in some areas (not on-line).

There are dairy farms in many areas that can’t find experienced farm managers and staff.

There are Hawke’s Bay apple growers, Cromwell stone fruit growers and Bay of Plenty kiwifruit growers who every year struggle to find willing hands to pick their crop.

One might almost think that these two things are related…

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