More on quotas

I have an opinion piece about quotas in the Dominion Post this morning.

Quotas may be needed to boost female MPs

The House of Representatives is not representative.

Despite being 51 per cent of the population, currently women make up on 32 per cent of MPs, and the percentage of women in Parliament has never been higher than 35 per cent.

The under-representation of women in politics in New Zealand is chronic.

It’s a serious problem. Research shows that women are less engaged in politics than men, are less likely to follow the news, and less likely to seek political office. … Read more

I wrote another piece for the Dom Post about diversity in Parliament about a year ago, which is relevant to this debate too: Straight white men have lost power.

NB: The subbing is not mine.

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One Response to More on quotas

  1. You’re still doing a lot better than we are in the United States.

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