More on tax rorts

I have an opinion piece in the Dominion Post this morning.

Tax avoidance by well off a rort

We know there are people who cheat the welfare system: claiming benefits to which they’re not entitled, refusing to look for work, having more children so that they can continue to claim the DPB.

We know about them, because our political leaders have made use of these stories to justify draconian changes to the welfare system.

But we hear very little about another set of people who rort the system. These are the people who manipulate their earnings, and use elaborate financial structures to ensure that they don’t have to pay as much tax as they ought to.

Click here to read the full article.

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One Response to More on tax rorts

  1. rayinnz says:

    I am not 100% sure that anybody really feels that they pay the correct amount of tax, the call is always for someone else to pay more
    Rich people say they are already paying most of the tax take anyway, everybody else call for it be the rich who should pay
    The one fact you don’t mention is that arranging your financial affairs to the best tax advantage costs serious ongoing money which is why you never see poor accountants or tax advisors
    I often wonder if those on the 60 to 70 thousand even make a net gain,especially with GST on most spending, different for those with seriously large incomes of course

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