A different take on the current bout of Muslim bashing

Many of us are rightly appalled by Richard Prosser’s remarks about young Muslim men.

But I urge you to read what kiwistargazer has to say about the current bout of Muslim bashing.

Here we go again

we go through this once every 6 months or so. if it’s not women wearing burqa’s banned from buses, it’s cartoons, it’s various politicians or authors. some little spark and “we” get to have “the debate” all over again as to whether muslims are good or bad, happy or sad. leaders of political parties get to have their faces in the news and posture about inclusiveness and to express OUTRAGE at such terrible remarks. let’s see how many political points we can score on the back of this current incident.

frankly, i’m sick of these conversations and i’m sick being used as a political tool.

Click here to read the whole post.

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