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Wanganui Collegiate: getting more than state schools

It turns out that Hekia Parata recommended that Wanganui Collegiate be closed down. It was a failing private school, unable to attract enough pupils to make ends meet. But Ms Parata was overruled by Cabinet, and Collegiate was able to … Continue reading

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Nice try, but it won’t work

In this morning’s NZ Herald, Auckland accountant Alan Dudson proposes a simple way of sorting out the property market. By that he means making housing cheaper and easier to get into for families (evidently single people need not apply). We … Continue reading

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Why businesses should reject subsidies and embrace the living wage campaign

Marx* has a what we might now describe as a very cynical analysis of the wages for labour. In Capital: A Critique of Political Economy, Vol. 1, Part 1, Chapter 6, The Buying and Selling of Labour Power (link goes … Continue reading

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A different take on the current bout of Muslim bashing

Many of us are rightly appalled by Richard Prosser’s remarks about young Muslim men. But I urge you to read what kiwistargazer has to say about the current bout of Muslim bashing. Here we go again we go through this … Continue reading

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On the radio

I was on Radio NZ Nights tonight, talking about why we still need feminism. Click here for the MP3.

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If you want to get women into the workforce, you need to provide childcare

It’s very simple: if you want to get women into the workforce, you need to provide childcare. That’s what the evidence from Germany is showing. A 200-Billion-Euro Waste: Why Germany Is Failing to Boost Its Birth Rate Germany has a … Continue reading

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Perhaps we could just trust voters?

It’s an oldie but a goodie, and it gets recycled every few years – our political leaders think we should have longer parliamentary terms. No matter that every time this one has been wheeled out for a referendum, it has … Continue reading

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